Thursday, April 1, 2010

Early spring

Tonight I sat at the dinner table looking out at this fabulous early warm-up and its effects on the world around me. We live back off the road a ways. We have woods to one side of us and fields on the other three. The land behind us and to the side is owned by a lady who uses it for hay and for riding her horses. In front of us, the man who lives down by the road does a pretty good job of keeping his field mowed down. I prefer the sides that grow wild except for when its time to hay. I like the scrub trees that grow. I like to watch the wind blow through the grass and the different flowers that come into bloom. Its exciting to know that the season is changing and that even though I can't physically see them with my eyes plants are beginning to bud and animals that have burrowed away are starting their spring routine. There's a smell outside that no-one can capture in a perfume bottle and it rides on a breeze that's soft to my skin.
As I sit at the table I have an urge to go outside, walk on the still soft ground and explore these familiar happenings. I may not have ever officially named this ritual of mine but I do it every year. Its my way of knowing living things that can not speak but still have messages for me. I'm realizing just how many years I have done this- I can't even remember when I started this ritual but probably decades ago. I think that I will go for that walk, tonight, even though this spring comes in way too quickly with its balmy temps. Yes, I could do that-but another thought comes to mind distracting me away from my commune with my inner nature-fairy-



  1. if there is no picture of the toe than i will refuse to believe it.... or i shall drive over & take a picture of "the toe" myself!.... quit taunting us with the toe! Seeing is believing!

  2. Shhh....I'm trying to have a phobic obsession here, to divert myself from solving the real issues at hand...

  3. This was a beautiful post and then...out of nowhere....hilarious! Happy Easter Chris!

  4. I love it! I feel the same way right now. I keep pointing to random trees, saying, "Look at the buds on that tree boys! Those are baby leaves growing!" They think I'm crazy, but it always reminds me of my Mom and how changes in nature and seasons were always so special.


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