Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Not my problem, Buddy."

Hi Guys! Just checking in real quick. Been carting the fam around G. R. trying to impress them. Being from Long Island, it takes a bit. Their arrival started out a bit rough. After pre-booking a sedan, Budget rental tried to palm off a compact car. As an explanation, "Dean" offered "It's spring break here, we're low on cars." Unimpressed my life long New Yorker Aunt barely lifted an eyebrow and quietly stated "Not my problem, Buddy" and shortly a sedan was procured for them. At some point I am sure coupons for a free rental will arrive in their mail. Wow, I would have had to sulk away and come back with a carefully composed argument about my rights as a customer and how we had entered into a legally binding contract with their company and then thrown in a story about being in town to receive a heart transplant and how small cars made me nervous. Just goes to show how a few well chosen words can save time and effort. Lesson fully absorbed.

On another note- wanted to share with you the results from my last post. Really enjoyed the comments. Thanks, everyone for looking past their resemblance to cancer patients! But when I went poking around site meter I found that I had a very high number of hits from people who didn't stay long. One was from a hotel in Germany. Another was a visitor who had just hopped over from the blog named "Sleek Sluts" and there were a couple other folks who were, I am sure, just as disappointed at what they saw when they hit on "The Swingers". It makes me sad that they won't stay long enough to find out that they really might get a giggle or two from my blog! Or, maybe people like that don't giggle. I don't know. I have had only one known encounter with swingers and trust me, I grabbed my husbands hand and we ran. By the way- why did our encounter have to be with a couple on the down side of middle age and the upside of a couple of beer bellies which unfortunately we had the opportunity to view on both of them! The Mrs. of this couple found it appropriate to wear a hot pink lame` dress with a cut out for the stomach area which apparently she thought was so she could have room in her dress to eat more at the buffet. We were on a cruise (with hubbie's parents, no less, real swingers we were, do the research, people!)and it was later in the hot tub that they caught us alone and started up a friendly conversation. Well, I may be from a small town but I've watched a couple of movies- I knew what was going on! We were outta there!

So be careful with your titles, fellow bloggers, there's weirdos out there! Or, play a little revenge of the nerds and see how many pervs you can trick with your labels! Just be kind. If they are dressed in their best leather chaps, scootin' around looking for a good sex blog- well, too much wasted time on these artsy blogs with the clever titles could result in a case "chapped thighs" for some unlucky person.


  1. if you really want to impress, there's always s. division for a look at some hookers! :)
    have fun & lets do coffee SOON!

  2. LOL! Oh how I hope I never have an encounter with anyone in a hot pink lame dress :)


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