Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Real Quick-

I know you all think I really did die or was hauled off to the crazy house for my rant about Jack Bauer and my disappointment in his performance. I was a little tired, I have to say in my defense, and honestly, that episode was so bad that it really struck me as funny. And as Chinamommy can attest to- I have no tolerance for wimpy men. Really, if he thought this girlfriend would die like all the others after consummation of that particular act then he should have just offered her a polite handshake and sent her on her way. Selfish and pathetic- he was. But enough about him!

Because I really wanted to share this picture of Chinamommy and I arranging flowers for the wedding. She saved my butt by allowing herself to be co-erced into working as a florist again. 35 arrangements we womped out that night and they were gorgeous. Kinda like us!

That's a french fry sticking out of her mouth- I went vegetarian and ate my work.

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  1. we DO look awesome! I might take up smoking french fries all the time- it looks HOT!


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