Saturday, May 29, 2010

I told my kid to puke on my feet- cuz I'm a mom and that's how I roll.

That kid has been so sick! It started with a stomach virus and cough (weird mixture but it is 2010, even viruses are sick of using the same old symptoms) that racked her poor little body and just wouldn't quit. No one could sleep. I had her right next to me trying to keep her upright so she wouldn't choke. After days of no-one sleeping- we took her to her cute doctor. All cute doctor saw wrong was some swollen tonsils. Gave her some antibiotics "to knock that cough out of her system."

They did help some, instead of coughing all the time she coughed less often and so hard that she started throwing up. The cough would start with this heart stopping wheeze that scared the beJesus out me and hubby. Back to the doc. Different Doc, not cute doc. He said virus + allergies were now the culprits. "Worst allergy season in ten years" He gave us samples of a medicine used by asthmatics and people with bronchial problems. Now she's on 5 different meds- antibiotics, Singulair, cough medicine, zantac and good ole tylenol. I did ask if there would be any negative interactions or reactions. I was told no. (?????)

We (she and I) are sleeping on the sofa so I can reach over every couple of hours and prop her back up to keep her from starting up the coughing fit which could turn into puking. Before you go thinking what a saint I am, get the real picture which is me saying tersely "Come on- if I've told you once I've told you a million times- sit up more, kid, I don't want to clean up anymore puke!!!" She's sound asleep, don't worry, she won't remember this until her therapist regresses her later in life.

So things are slowly getting better. SLOWWWWLY, I say. She still throwing up though and I have no clue what to do about that- if you do, please share. Last night she started coughing after she ate so off she went down the hall. I had just sat down to eat and was about two bites in when I hear this spectacular splashing sound that tells me she didn't make it. I'm thinking- that one was so good I bet if I woulda recorded it I could have sold it to some sound effects company and paid for....then- jolting me out of my money making fantasy- I hear a plaintive "mmmMMMOOMMM...." so I drop my fork and run down the hall and I get there just in time to realize there's going to be a re-make. She starts to run in to the bathroom but I stop her because using my super mom intuition I know she won't make it there either. "Just do it here, honey then I only have one ...." too late- she obliged and then I realized that she had just thrown up on my feet. She's a good girl. She does what she's told.

I didn't finish my supper, instead I took a shower. When I husband asked why I wasn't eating I told him it was my new diet plan. Seeing your dinner partially digested does make the appetite wane. So that's it- my new diet plan- feel free to use it.


  1. Oh, honey, I am so sorry. Puke is the absolute worst thing ever. I understand the diet because that smell is enough to wish yourself dead and decayed. Vodka, however, will help you out anytime, but be careful about how much you have if you are up every 10 minutes. Sounds like a fun start to summer! I'll be thinking about you.

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  3. Geesh, didn't know I'd have to delete the whole comment just to fix a spelling error!
    Anyhow- thanks, Mel, I am feeling a little dead and decayed. The worst is how desensitized I am to it now. By the way- not much of a vodka girl, (thanks to one bad experience) but am fond of Stoli's Vanilla vodka mixed with coke over ice- tastes like cream soda!

  4. awwwww, I feel so sad for the little gal! Are the doctors absolutely sure there is nothing worse going on (I don't have children- please don't hate me if this is a stupid question). Seems pretty serious if she keeps throwing up from coughing- her poor tummy must hurt so bad! Think of all the muscles it works to puke! I am concentrating every vibe of good energy I have towards her in the hopes that she feels better soon. Puke diet plan- I've been going about it all wrong!

  5. Kim- I have had all the same worries, thankfully it seems to be getting less and less with the urp-ing. She did get a stomach muscle strain on her belly but they don't do anything for it unless it develops into a hernia. Thanks for the good vibe, she's in school today so she must be tuned in to the vibe!


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