Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm just poking my head in to say "Hi!"

This work of art is by Brooke.
She said to me the other day "Mom, do you remember when I was a baby and I had my favorite toy Gaffie?" and I said "Yes. But I think it got all crazy and made weird noises that scared Mommy so we gave it away." (You know to really poor kids who don't care if the cute yellow giraffe jerks its neck around like its having a seizure and the lullaby it used to play now sounds like bad movie music right before the demons come out of the wall- we're thoughtful that way in this house!)

Anyhow, I'd like to propose a project to my followers! I love children's artwork. I could try my hardest and not come anywhere near the simple joy and creativity that I see in kid's art.
I'd love for you to send me you favorite artwork by your child/ren and I will make a gallery of all of them. I will post as little or as much information regarding the artwork as you like. I will not be judging them (as I think we all know I might just be a little biased)but rather sharing them .
Whaddaya think? Want to? Let me know! Email to

I may not be posting much this week- my kid is still battling tonsillitis which may have turned into sinus problems. Add to that two assignments for my drafting class I should have created two weeks ago- due tomorrow at 9:00AM and suddenly out of no where my boss calls me begging for help! Turns out a meeting with client went really well but he wants design drawings by Tuesday before he jets out of town. We all know what the economic climate in Michigan is like so we said "of course!" so on this sunny 85 degree day I will be at my computer and my drafting board after- I say after- I find every way possible to procrastinate! (because that's how I roll- at 41 I don't think I'm gonna go achangin') Posting is a good way to procrastinate!

Send me those works of art from your youngins!
They don't even have to be your youngins! I've got a Mayberry thing going on today- think I'll go put on some cut off dungarees.


  1. I love Brooke's drawing! Such a great eye. So I am sending you a picture that Big drew on the garage floor when he was just shy of three years old. It's not on paper or that easy to see, but it's my favorite.

  2. Awesome Melanie! Can't wait to get it- I love chalk drawings, they are everything that is right about childhood! Hope someone else sends me something or this is going to be a washout of a project!


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