Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing Anastacia and Violet

Remember these two? I did officially give them the names of Anastacia and Violet. I had such a hard time deciding between those names and Helen and Hazel. I just came to believe that Helen and Hazel will have a different story.

Anastacia was the older of the two cousins and would come to visit Violet and her family in the late summer. Violet found her older cousin to be so very sophisticated, coming from the big city and all.

On Sunday afternoons, still in their church dresses, they would sneak outside, away from the grown ups and their grown up coffee and cake. Shoes would fly as they swung. Violet would press for stories of the boys that came calling on Anastacia and Anastacia was happy to oblige.

As summers went by Anastacia could see Violet blooming. "Don't worry, Violet, small town or not, boys will be calling on you by the dozen. Soon you will forget me and our visits. I will marry and you will marry and our lives will be so different."

Violet replied smiling "Do you really think so? Boys calling for me? I do hope to marry but I will never forget these days. They are the best days."

Indeed the two cousins did eventually marry and indeed they did remember those sunny afternoons. After all, they were the best days.

You may not remember- it is a family story that these names came from. My Nana, who did not like the fact that she did not have a middle name would say "My name is ...." and she would rattle off five or so names that she coveted. The only ones I can remember from the story are Anastacia and Violet. Hazel and Helen are sisters in real life, my Grandmother and Great Aunt.

I'd like to thank Kristi from Cheeky Green Designs for her help today in finding just the right embellishments for Vi's hair so I could call her done. She stayed late at work and I really appreciate that. Kristi helped me with Tiny Pole Dancer as well- finding just the perfect cupcakes for a teeny-tiny cupcake bra is no easy feat but she rose to the challenge. Thanks, Kristi!


  1. Ahhhh... the hair!! just perfect!! You're on a roll lady!

  2. are these paper clay? You really work magic with the paper clay- the faces are so soft and delicate looking. Fabulous work!!! I love them!

  3. I think you did all the work. These are amazing...wish I had a thimble full of your talent! Keep sharing these amazing pieces with us...


  4. Thanks guys! Yes, paper clay with acrylic paint over it. I use paint and then sometimes marker over top of that and then spray acrylic sealer over top of that.

  5. Wow! Anastacia and Violet are wonderful. The details are amazing!

  6. They are beautiful, just like their creator, and I think the names are perfect. It's funny because those are two of my favorite girls' names - despite the fact that I was only given boys.

    Keep up the good work!


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