Monday, May 17, 2010

Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Ya know, I went into my tools category and deleted some temporary files- like a bazillion- and not only is my computer not faster, its slower, but things are missing! Sitemeter..., my background from two weeks ago, my option to add pictures to this post.... yeah, I can add a link now...not that I have one but pictures...I had pictures to add.... I don't know...any suggestions on how to get it all back? My pictures, my youth, all those choices I had.... just wondering.....


  1. I've heard if you have enough booze you can at least forget all of that. Plastic surgeons can bring some things back up where they belong. Only wisdom will remind you of the past. Just remember how hard it was to survive the first time - if you don't have it now, you don't need it! Did you try to retrieve anything from your Recycling Bin?

  2. Melanie- that is my next plan of action- sorting through all those unrecognizeable file names! Any clues as to which ones are important? All this because I was afraid of cookies!


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