Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I've mentioned Kristie from Cheeky Green Designs before- remember? She works in felted wool which I think is so cool. She has an etsy store, she makes fabulous purses and wallets out of re-purposed materials. She's all about re-cycling, reusing and reducing. Well- I am really excited to share with you that she has been asked to have some of her work featured in a magazine this August.

This purse, which I love because pink (and orange and all shades of melon) is loved by all well balanced, really hip and with it people- is going to be shown in Green Craft magazine. How awesome is that? Well, I'll tell ya- not many of us can say "I'm published" so its right up there!

Here's the matching wallet-

Well, anyhow, I am very happy for you, Kristi, Congrats! Now- has anyone else who visits with me published? Come on- spill it and share!

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