Sunday, May 2, 2010

Look at this!

These fantastic doodles were created by June from the blog- A creative Dream. I first came across this blog when I was playing my favorite game- blog jumping. I go to a blog I follow and jump to a blog they follow. If I like=I follow. Then I go to one of the blogs they follow and do the same. That was back in the day when I had spare time (mostly at work...) I have to identify with something about the person or their art.

I liked this blogger's description of herself-about trying to find grace. I particularly like her art dolls- you have to see the latest, she has the sweetest, most serene, face- and I love that you have to look "in" at her to get a good glimpse. I recommend you GO NOW.

She also creates these most amazing doodles that I could stare at for hours and get lost in all the intricacies. In March she had a give away of 15 doodles and guess what... I WON! I never win anything and that's what I posted on her blog. REALLY- some people have luck, my mother-in-law and husband can walk into a casino and win a few hundred dollars. I can't win over the gaze of a cocktail waitress! But it was close to St. Patrick's day and I must have channeled some Irish heritage and I WON!
So of course, I will be framing them and hanging them, with honor, in my art space! Thank you again, June, this is better than money- to win original art from a fellow blogger!


  1. WOW- you won? I need to teach you how to put a link into your post so I can just click on it and go there... you know what little free time I have... Looking forward to seeing you on the 10th!!

  2. Thanks for the link!!! I sometimes do that blog jump thing too when I am bored- you can find some great people that way!! I'm off to check out a new blog now- hope you have a fab week!!!

  3. Chris, it's REALLY sweet of you to say such kind things...and all I had to do was bribe you with a

    It has taken me a bit to get around to things, we've had a bit of craziness around here with weddings, graduations, moves...argh..

    But I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the kind words and more I appreciate the gorgeous work that you do...I LOVE the dolls...they are amazing!!


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