Thursday, May 13, 2010

This week-

Yes, I stole these photo's from my friends, Cheeky Green and China Mommy. We went to lunch Monday. Being somewhat psychic (yeah right, like I am somewhat wealthy) I knew I would have to bring something for share time.

I brought my new book on Encaustic Painting which I am very excited to try someday. Its not a cheap in though- that wax is fairly expensive. One day.... Cheeky Green is right- I did propose an play day at her house with the encaustic wax. I think that would save us all time in learning the ins and outs of it and I am sure three people with great ideas should produce some really cool results. Kristi has an awesome set up for art making. Oh, to not have children.....

Don't I look like a nice person? I'm the brown haired one with no shoulders- a physcial flaw that is making me look like my grandma. I think my shoulder muscles are in my bra but I'm not sure, every time I check the boobs fall out and hit the floor. When I roll them up and squeeze them back in their containment system I think my shoulder muscles get all wrapped up inside. Makes me think of those sandwich rolls you can buy at the deli. Can you tell what week it is? I switched my usual self love with self loathing.

I had to throw in this picture of Chinamommy (again- stolen without permission from her blog- you can come and punish me, Chinamommy but I might have to hit you with one of my roll-ups and you could get hurt)because it is just too damn funny. She's 41 (I think- right?) And this is how she acts???? Honest- Please!!! Someone make a billboard and buy me a mask too!!! Love it!


  1. I don't know your grandma, but I don't think you look like her. I have the shoulders of a 300 lb. lineman, so the grass is not always greener. I'm convinced my husband married me based solely on my height, shoulders, and boobs. I'm just saying.

    You need to do that wax thing and then tell us about it, because you know I am not artsy fartsy and don't know anything about it.

    I'm sorry about your mom. Cancer is a big, fat bitch. I miss my mom so much, and am not yet to the stage where I can see any good from it, but I know what you mean about it changing how you view things.

  2. Thanks, Mel. You're right, nothing good comes from cancer. But living through such a loss makes you appreciate even more every little beautiful moment and makes the rotten things just a little less powerful. I was mad at my mother for many years for a lot of things and one day I realized I didn't need to be and didn't want to be anymore- that was a gift. When I do things for my kids I remember things she did for me and think- oh yeah, she did try- and that was suddenly enough. Time, Melanie, doesn't just bring wrinkles. Be patient.

  3. ok, freak! I need to make sure i check in here on a daily basis to see how my photo's are being used and abused! haha!
    yes, 41- tell the whole world why don't ya! is that mask not fitting for someone my age? what about my "i ❤ to fart" shirt?
    why don't you throw your boobs over your shoulders to add some height? and honestly, i have NO idea why you think you have no shoulders....


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