Thursday, May 20, 2010

Topaz Alert!!!

MISSING!!! One white wire birdcage needed to answer the proverbial question- what to do with this chic's head!!!!

Why "Topaz" Alert? Well, I like the term "Amber Alert" but a missing 2" wire birdcage is probably not quite as serious as a true Amber Alert. So using what little social sensitivity I have at my disposal (emphasis on the word little) I decided to call my traumatic situation Topaz Alert. I considered "Vermilion", another nice color but thought it was a bit of a tongue twister. Cerise is yet another lovely shade but still did not roll off the tongue easily. So- Topaz it is.

Now, where would you be if you were a small wire birdcage in Chris's house? Yes, Chinamommy- I did grill Kayla but perhaps a cavity search is in order....

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